Learn about the Society behind the Meeting

The European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases, ESPID, forms the basis for European investigators interested in infectious diseases in children and infection prevention in childhood.

The society is engaged in a number of activities including the organisation of multicentre trials, international exchange of infectious disease fellows and an annual Meeting. Membership includes subscription to the Paediatric Infectious Disease Journal in addition to many other benefits.

Aubrey Cunnington, Chair of the ESPID Committee for Scientific Affairs and Awards

Johannes Trück's journey to his current position as ESPID Treasurer

Paul Heath, Chair of the ESPID Research Committee

Raluca Lixandru, Young ESPID representative

Nigel Curtis, Chair of the ESPID Guidelines Committee

Theo Zaoutis, ESPID Committee for Research

Michael Buettcher, Chair of the ESPID Committee for Education

Johannes Trück, ESPID Treasurer

Applications for membership can ​be made online at www.espid.org ​or by contacting: admin@espid.org

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