Waste Management

Waste Management

ESPID 2023 Sustainability Goal

Cleaner today, greener tomorrow:
Let's manage waste more sustainably at ESPID 2023

ESPID is stepping up this year by implementing new sustainable practices during
the Annual Meeting to reduce waste and promote a greener event.

Here are the ways we’re making this Meeting more eco-friendly:

Food & Catering:
  • Offering a delicious meatless meal to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Providing water fountains to encourage delegates to bring their own bottles and coffee cups or to get them from ESPID
  • Saying “no thanks” to cutlery to minimise waste
  • Donating leftover food to those in need to avoid food waste
Venue & Delegates:
  • Going paperless by using an awesome app
  • Offering multiple waste options for recycling and donations
  • Ensuring that all signage and banners are made from recyclable materials or can be reused

SPECIAL NEW SESSION! “Towards zero waste: active participation”
Join us in the exhibition area on Wednesday, 10 May at 12:55-13:30

Ana Salcedo, Portugal

A multi-disciplinary creative entrepreneur building bridges at the intersection of tech, social, and regenerative innovation.

Ana Salcedo is a multi-disciplinary creative entrepreneur, who builds bridges at the intersection of tech, social, and regenerative innovation. With a Magna Cum Laude degree in International Management and Fashion Marketing from the American University in London, Ana kickstarted her activism as a European Delegate and Secretary-General in Portugal for the European Youth Parliament.

Ana holds a postgraduate degree in Creative Leadership from Rebundance, where she facilitates sessions on Dreaming Big, Visioning, and Storytelling. She also worked as a Behaviour Trends Designer at Box1824, where she identified emerging global movements and bridged strategic gaps between businesses and consumers.

In Portugal, Ana co-founded ManifestoModa, developing biofunctional clothing that offers effective, non-toxic protection against mosquito-borne diseases. Over the past 7 years, Ana has been actively involved in addressing the urgent and highly democratic theme of waste. She co-founded ZeroWasteLab, an NGO that brings together all those interested in discussing, designing, and piloting collaborative solutions towards zero-waste and a shared sense of elevated responsibility.

What can YOU do

Small actions can make a BIG impact:

  • Bring a refillable water bottle and make sure to sort waste properly
  • Use digital platforms to access program information and save paper
  • Say no to single-use plastics
  • Keep your waste with you and dispose of it properly later
  • Consider alternative business cards like QR codes or e-cards
  • Bring a reusable bag for your outings
  • Remember, there’s no Planet B – let’s do our part to protect our planet!
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